Thursday Picks Edition #3 (on Friday)

Thursday picks

Lessons I’ve learned in the past few weeks:

1. Never post a raffle-copter drawing when heading into a busy two weeks. I’m so sorry to all four of you that entered!
PS Winner announced below!!!

2. If you get a buddy pass and have to get up at 3 am to catch a flight that you may or (more likely) may not get on, be sure to have a bff who rises at that crazy hour to make you coffee and hug you goodbye.
FullSizeRender (4)

3. If a 5-year old asks you to play basketball in the driveway right after you roll out of bed, you should always say yes. You never know when he might be in need of fresh daily writing and art material for the school morning work. Also, he’ll make you look real lean in his rendering.

FullSizeRender (5)
“My Mom’s friend, Aunt Brenda, came to our house today. We played basketball.”

4. Slip-n-slides are really one of the best parts of summer

We kicked off summer old-school style with neighbors and the simultaneous triple and double (not see in photo) Slip-n-Slides! It was a perfectly hot afternoon for cold water and lots of crazy Slip-n-Slide maneuvers!

Needless to say, I know that many of you are also experiencing the crazy joy that is known as the end of the school year. For us, besides the non-stop rain that just won’t quit, the end of school year festivities and the stubborn active 2 1/2 year old have owned any shred of focus I might have had at this stage in the end of school year/early summer.

So here we are at Thursday picks again and there is so much I’m loving right now, especially in books and music!  It’s going to be a short and sweet list this week due to reasons stated above.

So here are the top picks for this week!


I have been reading like it is the last day I have sight. Somehow we create space for things in different seasons of life that in other seasons we couldn’t find space for. I love books and I love reading bunches of them simultaneously.


Lately I have become obsessed with Shauna Niequist’s writing.

I started reading Cold Tangerines nearly 5 weeks ago and found it to be such a great night time read. Shauna writes each chapter as a sort of stand-alone essay, which is good for this book-addicted mamma who tends to let children eat cookies for breakfast (not the worst thing, but not the best either) when caught up in a continuous chapter book. So this week’s book pick is Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. Trust me, this is a great easy summer read by the pool or in the evening with a glass of wine on the back patio.

You can read more description about Cold Tangerines here and links to order are there as well.


I know we’ve talked about Jamie Ivey’s podcast before and how I love to listen to it while cooking dinner. This is by far one of my favorites combining two of my favorite people Jamie Ivey + Melanie Shankle (author of Sparkly Green Earrings, The Antelope in the Living Room, and her latest memoir on friendship Nobody’s Cuter Than You) in one hilarious hour of podcasting.

melanie shankle

Click here to listen


I am always looking for new workout music that is lyrically clean and has a great beat. So here are a few from my newest list

& More…

In lieu of my favorite blog this week, I wanted to share with you these shoes that I have had my eye on and cannot stop looking at! I actually bought a pair of the generic Bass Pro brand that are similar to these Sanuk brand (and 1/4 the price) but I’m thinking I still may need to go back and get me a pair of these!



or these

sanuk 2

These are called the Boardwalk and look like they have a bit more cushion inside of them, which is always a plus, as far as I’m concerned!

If you are interested in either, simply click here to order.

*None of the above listed are not affiliate or promotional links. I simply want to share things I love in hopes to expedite your search for things YOU love!

What are you loving as we head into summer? Comment to share the love of the things and books, and music you love!

& the WINNER of Every Bitter Thing is Sweet book Giveaway is:

summer deals!


CONGRATULATIONS, Meredith!  I will email you to set up shipping! 🙂

Happy Thursday, everyone!



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    1. Post author

      Yay! Emailing you today for your mailing addy! 🙂 Congratulations, friend!

  1. Blanca Ordaz

    I want to say my found favorite things are coffe with Chris Caine I’m enjoying her tenacity and boldness of how she not only leads but encourages others to lead by example. I believe you may have posted this or in conversation mentioned her podcast so thank you friend! In addition who new that I am newly addicted to commentaries of Mathew Henry’s and Asbury commentary recently as I’m seeking the Lord in my walk that seems like I’m climbing a fourteener, I cannot get enough of his word. In conjunction with our ifequip studies at 5:00 am with some awesome chicas ! This morning I was pondering about where is Brenda’s blog ? I haven’t seen an email with her latest encouragement and picks and there you popped in my inbox ! Gracias Amiga for your fun post, great finds and realness blessings !


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