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Holy in the Kitchen

It was a strange funny kind of Holy tonight. Good Friday was remembered around our kitchen table, instead of in a sanctuary around the stations of the cross. It is interesting how the hope of heaven and new life is magnified when one of our own’s mortal light has gone out. Continue reading

New Home Sweet Home


I’ve been dragging my feet.  Tweaking things here and there waiting for this site to be perfect before posting.  It seems to me that perfect (at least my current version of it) is currently unattainable and so I have decided to simply launch the new blog home and build it along the way.

Truthfully, this is very much a reflection of the way I do life.  Why would I start at the beginning where things are neat and linear when I can start in the middle and work my way backwards and forwards without limits?  Welcome to how things work inside my head.  You are now very glad that you are not in my head, aren’t you?!

What will this new site look like?  I’m so delighted you asked!  The best I know as to how this will look can be found in my very first post here!

I love that you’re here and that you are reading these words that escape from my heart  to my head to my keyboard.  You can look forward to more in the coming week!  Thank you so much for joining me in this journey!

May you find quiet in the hustle of this season and joy in the midst of the to-do list (as well as navigating the naughty and nice list).

It’s a New Day in Writing!

It’s here!  My real blog site is up and running.  I couldn’t be more excited and intimidated all at once!  You can look forward to new content here on several topics including: Adoption, Family Life, Bridge Building, Spiritual Surrender, Compassion International, and Friendship.  You can also look forward to the return of the occasional Thursday Picks!

I am currently working diligently on new content and also on transferring some content from my previous blog, so please bear with me while the site is still

N E E D  A  B U I L D I N GS U R V E Y E


Lots of fun new things coming here in 2015 so stay in touch through the email subscribe button on the top right side of the home screen!

Would love to hear that you’ve been here and look forward to journeying with you.  I am ever-mindful of the privilege and honor it is that you let me into your day for just a few moments and I pray what you find here encourages, strengthens, and challenges you.  I hope you laugh here a lot too.  Life is too short to not laugh.  You can quote me on that.

Happy Wednesday, friends!