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My Senior Superlative photo shows a photo of a young dreamer holding a cardboard sign that said, Colorado or BUST!  I had absolutely fallen in love with the beauty of Colorado and one of its handsome natives.  When I set out from my cozy New England hometown for the rugged adventure that only the mountains can offer, I had a plan.  I had prayed and felt God uprooting me from my east coast home.  I began spending my summers working on a Dude and Guest Ranch nestled in the valley of two breath-taking 14,000′ peaks at the age of 16.  At 18 years old I moved permanently to Colorado solidly in a marriage-potential relationship with the aforementioned striking Colorado cowboy native.

As God’s plan for my life continued to unfold, so much of what I had hoped and dreamed became my life.  I had moved to Colorado, worked in youth ministry, attended College, and married the man of my dreams.  But as God would have it, so much that became my life-story was not at all what I would’ve hoped or planned or even known to wish.

My story is one of joy in much pain, hope in the face of loss, and God’s faithfulness to carry me through it all.  It includes meeting my husband at age 13 and knowing deeply that we would one day be married (even though he didn’t even know my name until I was at least 16).  There is a part of my story that has defined so much of my marriage and that is my husband’s 7 year life and death battle with an autoimmune disease that brought kidney failure, dialysis, and crazy medical bills into our dating and young married life.  We have weathered kidney failure and transplant, life and death moments, eating disorder and recovery, infertility, adoption (closed, semi-open, and fully open), adoption loss, as well as considerable debt and becoming debt free.

Through it all, I have grown to love and trust Jesus more deeply than I did yesterday.  I have found Him to be constant and faithful.  My hope for this space–this writing–is simply through what you find here in my musings, you will be encouraged and inspired to know Him more deeply or even for the first time.  My heart is bent toward leaning in and leading others to know and experience the hope that I’ve found in Jesus in every day living.

Some days I hope you’ll laugh with me.  Some days I may challenge you and you may, in turn, challenge me back.  I would love that!  Some days, I will post practical tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.  Some days I will aim to connect you to things I have been connected with (either directly or remotely) in hopes to build a bridge for you to a resource or to a relationship!

My name is Brenda, and I have been called and purposed to be both a gatherer of people and a bridge-builder.  These are two of my deepest passions.  I pray God will use my words and story to build bridges for you.

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